You have questions, we have answers.

We are a team of highly experienced software development professionals. We’ve been designing software and managing offshore teams for decades.

We work with you here in the UK to design your application or mobile app. We then work with our offshore teams to deliver exactly what you want. All of your contact will be with local UK professionals. We handle all of the offshore communication so you do’t have to.

A typical project will range anywhere from £20,000 to £100,000. We manage the offshore resources tightly to remove any unnecessary requirements and resources. This often dramatically reduces the end cost to our clients.

You own all of your intellectual property. We also ensure that you have perpetual rights to use and modify anything built on your behalf. We are a UK company. All contracts are subject to UK law.
We handle all communication with the offshore team. We work UK hours. We deal with the time zone differences so you don’t have to.
Everyone you communicate with on our team will be local. All of our local consultants are native or near native English speakers. We handle all of the offshore communication issues so that you don’t have to.