When offshoring, the high touch contacts need to remain onshore.

In order to have a successful Offshore team, it is critical to understand the importance of communication. Moving all resources Offshore can cause spiraling costs and eliminate any savings that should have been realised.

We always recommend that a large portion of the following functions remain Onshore.

  • Product Management
  • Business Analysis

  • UX/UI Design

  • Project Management

These roles require a tremendous amount of time from the key stakeholders. Time zone headaches and language barriers can be cause miscommunication and missed deadlines that can cripple any project.

These functions should largely finish their deliverables BEFORE the Offshore team is fully engaged. This minimises the rework that is so common with poorly managed projects.

Keys to offshore success.

We are here to make your project successful. We have learned over the years what needs to be done to have the best chance of success.

  • Clearly defining the requirements of the project and deliverables

  • Establishing processes to deal with changing requirements

  • Developing an adequate prototype

  • Understanding the time frames when working across time zones

  • Writing well developed and documented specifications

  • Implementing proper communication channels

  • Understanding the impact of cultural and language differences